Prevent & Resolve

Less frustration, more solutions.

No matter whether shareholder conflicts, contractual disputes or never-ending commercial litigation: they draw attention from your more important tasks, bind valuable capacities and cause annoyance. Many conflicts come at significant costs, such as management time, lawyer and expert fees, deterioration of relationships, and missed opportunities. Legal disputes and litigation also come with uncertainty and risks, potentially for extended periods of time. And even where agreement is finally reached, it frequently does not produce a solution to the real issues at hand – for either side. Often, a neutral third party can cut the Gordian knot. Preventing, managing and resolving your disputes through our structured negotiation and mediation procedures is less expensive and more time-effective.


Where negotiations get stuck in conflict, our mediators assist the business the re-emerge.


Where conflict communication gets out of control, our moderators get a structured exchange back on track.


Where agreements are not waterproof, our re-negotiation solutions support you in fixing leaks.

Dispute Systems Design

Solving complex, recurring, current & future disputes within companies, JVs, or customer relations.

Antitrust Settlement

Solve cartel claims through mediation & negotiations with our antitrust & negotiation knowledge.

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