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Building bridges in EU-China negotiations.

Negotiations between Chinese and European parties can be long, burdensome and exhausting. Often, they are characterized by different approaches to the negotiation process, different ways of communication and decision-taking, and different approaches on how credibility is established. On both sides this may lead to frustration, time and resources wasted, opportunities missed, value lost, and deadlock, disruption and even break-up of the negotiation process.

Successful negotiations with Westerners


For unprepared Chinese negotiators, Westerners frequently spend too little time on building friendly relations and rush to the negotiation table, use too direct communication and objections, and often disregard Face. The impression might emerge that they expect too quick results even where complex internal alignments are needed first and/or focus too much on detail while enforcing binding contracts rather than seeing the big picture and trusting in relationships. Our comprehensive negotiation services prepare and enable negotiators to avoid potentially detrimental negotiation outcomes based on these experiences and to build reliable Sino-European trade channels.

Successful negotiations with Greater China


For unprepared Western negotiators, understanding the Chinese approach to negotiations is a particular challenge: from building relationship, trust and Guanxi networks to dealing with SOEs and governmental bodies, Western negotiators often feel lost. They regularly underestimate the complexity of the other side’s decision-making process, the involvement of behind-the-scene stakeholders and the use of intermediaries. With our strategic negotiation services, Westerners safely maneuver the Sino-European negotiation process and communication patterns, leading to more efficient negotiation processes and longer-lasting business relationships.

What Clients Say?

The wonderful presentation enabled me to take away multiple key skills to be a successful negotiator in Sino-European environments.

Dr. Jia Yuan, Attorney at law Tahota Law Firm, Chengdu

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Our Experience:

Multiple years of hands-on negotiation experience with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP in Beijing and Hong Kong, advising international and Chinese clients on Sino-European transactions.

Our Presence:

Regular business activities and speaking engagements in China since 2007 (incl. Peking University, Tsinghua University, All China Lawyers Association, and Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences).

Our Success:

Effectively mastered high-stakes negotiations in corporate transactions, internal investigations, and regulatory proceedings with Chinese state and regional authorities (incl. MOFCOM).

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