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Strengthen your people's negotiation capacity.

Our skills development solutions focus on your people’s skills and improve your teams’ negotiation effectiveness: We prepare your teams for the challenges you encounter frequently: high-stake, time-sensitive and high-pressure negotiations. We empower your teams to achieve more structured negotiations and better outcomes. Our solutions are focused on you: We know the specific needs of partners and associates in modern law firms and those of legal in-house professionals. We speak the language of managers and their business units.

The Topsellers

Legal Negotiations

Make use of our unparalleled knowledge of the legal negotation world. Learn more.

mastering chinese–European negotiations

Benefit from our comprehensive experience of both negotiation environments. Learn more.

The Main Portfolio

Process & Deal Design

Strategies & tactics for optimal process & phases, value creation & claiming, opening & closing.

Preparation & Team setup

Strategies & tactics for preparation & positioning, complexity & urgency, team roles & alignment.

Psychology & Tactics

Techniques for verbal & non-verbal persuasion, signalling & framing, psychological influencing & profiling.

Fee Negotiations

Strategies & tactics to achieve higher fees, added value and stronger long-term client relationships.

negotiating with public authorities

Strategies & tactics for negotiating with administrative counterparts in regulatory settings.

sell higher: maximizing sales performance

Strategies & tactics for sales negotiations with (monopolistic) buyers: pricing, added value, power.

buy lower: minimizing procurement costs

Strategies & tactics for procurement negotiations with (monopolistic) sellers: pricing, added value, power.

What Clients Say?

René’s multi-level Negotiation Programme for our Asian offices is spot on and fee earners find it extremely helpful.

Head of Learning & Development Asia Global elite law firm, Hong Kong
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