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Get advice on your next negotiation challenge.

Our consulting services focus on your organisation’s negotiation setup and improve your organisation’s negotiation readiness: We enable your senior management to better monitor the progress of on-going and the planning for future negotiations. We empower your organization to have your teams better prepare and perform through our negotiation best practice approach and our structured team selection and set-up solutions. We strengthen your negotiators in their most difficult negotiations – with strategic planning, behind the scene advice, and creative ideas to overcome barriers and stalemate.

Negotiation Management Design

Set-up structures that allow your senior management to monitor and supervise your teams’ negotiation preparation & progress.

Developing negotiation best practice guidelines

Streamline your teams’ negotiation strength by identifying and standardizing the strategies that work best.

Selecting and structuring your negotiation team

Pick teams that bundle individual strengths, work well together, and form a negotiation stealth fighter.

Planning your negotiation strategy & process

Form your strategy & process early to position yourself where it matters most: away from the table.

Shadow/Ghost Negotiating

Have a shadow that supports your negotiators with technical feedback, creative ideas and strategic twists.

Overcoming Intercultural Barriers

Overcome cultural barriers to keep the upper hand no matter where and with whom you negotiate.

Solving Stalemate Situations

Tap our experience and creativity when you get stuck – to overcome deadlock and to cut Gordian knots.

What Clients Say?

PFROMM NEGOTIATIONS transformed our seemingly deadlock position into a highly profitable outcome.

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