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Think about your last negotiation:
did you really get the best deal?

The Topseller: Negotiations for Lawyers
From lawyers for lawyers. Always enter perfectly prepared.

Special Focus: Greater China
Discover the ins and outs of EU-China negotiations

100% Negotiation Experience

The Firm

Pfromm Consulting GmbH i.Gr. is an exclusive consulting firm specialised in strategic negotiation consulting, skills development and conflict resolution for law firms and companies. Years of experience make us your trusted partner in negotiations as well as intercultural challenges in Asian markets.

100% Negotiation Focus

Our Mission

To provide you with the full range of innovative, creative and proven negotiation advisory and training services. To make you archieve better outcomes. Nothing less. Always.

Consult & Support.

The negotiation does not develop as you wish? Our consult & support services assist you to get the structure, process, strategy and techniques right, to overcome barriers and pitfalls, and to get the deal closed. Build upon our consulting expertise to turn a good outcome into a great one. Learn more.

Develop & Improve.

Our train & improve solutions prepare you and your team for your next negotiation and provide you with the mindset, skills, techniques and checklists to both excel at the negotiation table and achieve better outcomes. Build upon our training expertise to unleash your full negotiation potential. Learn more.

Prevent & Resolve.

Conflicts are costly and time-intensive. And so is litigation. Our prevent & resolve services assist you to resolve conflicts and prevent litigation. Build upon our conflict resolution expertise to refocus on your institution's primary goals. Learn more.

Law Firms & In-house Lawyers.

With our international law firm background, we capture the complexity of your legal negotiations. In often time-sensitive and inter-dependent challenges, money, reputations and sometimes even personal fate are at stake. Legal professionals must stay on top of the law and fully embrace the art of strategic negotiations to achieve the best possible outcome. To help lawyers and other legal professionals become well versed in these challenges, our services are always custom-tailored, solution-focused and easy to implement – and delivered in flexible formats to meet your individual needs, such as in-house workshops or sessions during away-days. Learn more.

Companies & Executives.

Today's managers are expected to excel in price negotiations with monopolists, to keep sight over complex agreements, and to stand firm under intense stress and pressure. Sales and procurement teams are stuck in a confrontational tug war: sales techniques battling procurement techniques. Our cutting-edge strategic negotiation solutions allow companies and executives to ignite a behavioural change and increase the organizational capabilies – leading to a quality improvement of commercial relationships, better reputation as well as higher profits. Always in a tailored and fitting format, such as in-house workshops or a motivational keynote speech. Learn more.

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